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WETT Inspections

Wood Burning Appliance Inspections

Wood Energy Transfer Technology (WETT) Inspections are a specific type of inspection performed on wood-burning stoves, wood-burning fireplaces, or pellet stoves.

The main reasons home-owners or home buyers require a WETT Inspection include:


Insurance company requested an inspection


System performance issue


Pre-purchase home inspection purposes


Visible signs of damage

A WETT inspection will often accompany a pre-purchase or pre-listing inspection where wood-burning appliances are present, however we strongly encourage a WETT inspection for ALL wood-burning appliances, regardless of whether or not it is accompanied by a real-estate transaction.  Your safety is of the utmost importance, and a WETT inspection is simply the best way to ensure code-compliance of the installation and condition of the appliance.  Our inspectors are certified to perform LEVEL 1 inspections that include a visual inspection of:

·         Chimney and Cap
·         Chimney Liner or Flue Tiles
·         Smoke  Chamber
·         Wood Stove or Fireplace Damper
·         Firebox and Firebricks/Linings
·         Hearth and Floor Protection

·         Clearances to Combustible Walls and Ceilings
·         Clearances to Mantles and Exterior Items
·         Heat Shield Construction for Reduced Clearances
·         Proper Flue Pipe Installation and Venting
·         Chimney Foundations and Masonry
·         Overall Condition of the Wood Stove or Fireplace and its Chimney

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